Puppy Tries RAW MEAT! (And Raw Dog Food Q&A)

Puppies Video Information:

Watch my puppy try raw food for the very first time!
Thank you to WeFeedRaw for helping me on my raw feeding journey with Kiba.
Check out WeFeedRaw HERE: https://bit.ly/2B1OTiu

If you want to learn about some of the issues surrounding some kibble foods, check out the documentary ‘PET FOOLED.’

Facebook Groups to help you with raw feeding:
‘Raw Feeding Advice and Support (PMR)’, ‘Raw Feeding (RF)’.

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Puppy Tries RAW MEAT! (And Raw Dog Food Q&A)

10 thoughts on “Puppy Tries RAW MEAT! (And Raw Dog Food Q&A)

  1. Hey Creatures! Welcome back to my channel. OF COURSE this topic is going to evoke a lot of emotion. FEEL FREE to share your comments, advice, tips and thoughts in the comments section. If you get into a discussion or a debate, that's fine – try to respect each others rights to having opinions, and try to keep your comments clean. All bad language will be deleted and DENIED!!!! <3
    PS: Kiba tells you to follow his IG: @kibatheeurasier. If you want to check out WeFeedRaw, check out my description box for links, or follow on IG: @wefeedraw.
    My NEXT video will be: 'Buying My Puppy EVERYTHING He Touches' – out later this week! Hit that Notification bell! x

  2. 👍 this was a lot of great info on raw food diet for dogs
    I will definitely be checking out WeFeedRaw for our future dog👍

  3. Em It's a looot cheaper to feed raw by picking out your own raw food. I checked these guys out and it's 12 bucks a day!!! 25 bucks can last me 5 weeks with my 65lb dog.

  4. If I had the disposable income I'd feed 100% raw. But biscuits are just cheaper, easier to store etc. So I feed dry food at night. High quality dog roll in tha morning. And organs like heart or raw bones as treats to give his diet a boost. Same with my cats, they get chicken hearts and necks, plus biscuits. Although one of my cats basically only ever wants biscuits. Has zero interest in wet or raw food.

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