QUARATINED With Goldendoodle Puppies

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Quarantined With Goldendoodle Puppies
The Other End of the Leash

This video is all about being quarantined with goldendoodle puppies! It’s really a day in the life of a goldendoodle breeder, and what better way to be quarantined than with four mini-goldendoodle puppies? I will be taking the puppies to their first veterinarian visit, giving the puppies their first bath, making homemade dog treats, and more!

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QUARATINED With Goldendoodle Puppies

10 thoughts on “QUARATINED With Goldendoodle Puppies

  1. We’re getting a f1 standard apricot golden doodle 3 weeks after Christmas and I’m so excited and it’s seriously hard to wait! Just 4 more weeks <3 we are thinking on the name finnigan, big respect for you to!

  2. I am from India your puppies are soo cute I have a golden retriver male he is one year old and I have a femele pug she is 4 months and after some time I bring a golden retriever puppy because iam cross my dog

  3. I got my Goldendoodle when I found out we couldn’t teach in person back in March 2020. Best quarantine buddy ever!!!!

  4. Do you have any breeder friends that raise golden doodles like you do in or near Va?

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