Raya Still Needs to Control Her Energy Near The Puppies

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Divertissement by Kevin MacLeod
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DOF 30/04/22

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Raya Still Needs to Control Her Energy Near The Puppies

10 thoughts on “Raya Still Needs to Control Her Energy Near The Puppies

  1. I think shes annoyed as she used to be the only puppy and now theres two smaller than her

  2. It's good to see that Raya understands that she needs to be gentle with Kenji when hooman 1 tells her. Hugs to the potat family.

  3. Raya is still a baby, a big one, but a baby after all, and she doesn't know how to deal with small babies…that's why she's rude when playing. I still love her because you help her to know how to behave with Ken-chan and Asa-chan in a friendlier way 💗. Lots of kids to cuddle ♥️

  4. Hooman is being nice on explaining Raya was not being malicious… too rough no.. She is communicating her status in the pack but at the same time can be a bit much Kenji didn't submit quickly so more Raya did and Hooman did the best thing telling Raya he's top of the pack and she must obey

  5. That's mah gurl..she still growing too.
    She has to become a Mommy..her sunshine Raya personality and sweetness..💭🌌dreaming..Raya potats.🥰one day..maybe.

  6. Raya is always a good girl! She's so BEAUTIFUL too. We all love her very much ❤ 💕

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