Scared Puppy Rescued from the Wood by Hero Woman

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A hero woman was ridden many kilometers to rescue a scared puppy from the wood at side of the street after she received a call from animal lover during heavy raining.

Its very shocking that this poor puppy screaming alone for help and even facing risk after spent life so poor without shelter under the rain. It is not known who owned the puppy, or whether it was a stray and losing the mother but the hero woman is giving him safe.

Hes completely rescued from being so painful and very dangerous, hes now feeling in good mood and so adorable. This is an inspired story that restores our faith in humanity, were so thankful for the hero woman who saved this cute puppy and gave him a wonderful life.

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Courtesy: Waleeporn Wongmongkhon #animalstep #dogrescue

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Scared Puppy Rescued from the Wood by Hero Woman

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  1. you knew it was a puppy that was abandoned scared why didn't you bring some food along something to entice it into your hand so you can catch it you never go after a hungry puppy or a puppy at all with nothing to offer it out food are water shame

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