Severe head injury rescue of dying puppy

Puppies Video Information:

Our hearts were breaking when we saw this puppy laying unconscious near a pool of blood. A motorcycle had hit him in the head, and he seemed to be taking his final breaths. We didn’t know if we could save him, but we had to try. We rushed him back to Animal Aid’s hospital and began his treatment with medicine to reduce the swelling in his brain, and treat his pain and shock. His brain injury was serious and even after a few days, when he regained consciousness, he wasn’t able to eat without help. We surrounded him with love as he slept for many days, waking up only for syringe feeds. But gradually, his wakeful moments increased, and we watched a flower unfolding in his extraordinarily sweet nature. Because of your help, we saved him. Meet beautiful Puffin today.
When you love someone, you never need to give up hope. Please donate for street animal rescue.

Severe head injury rescue of dying puppy

10 thoughts on “Severe head injury rescue of dying puppy

  1. What you all do for these animals is so overwhelming. It’s so good. You act as gods to heal these injured animals. I can’t express how much hurt I feel seeing them unwell but my heart melts with joy seeing how you give them all a new life. God bless you all! You are all so amazing 🙏🏽🥰

  2. Puppies must be on high priority to be treated as soon as possible. They have a wonderful life waiting for them.

  3. Такой маленький малыш выздоравливай. У нас бы уже усыпили. Спасибо вам милые люди за вашу любовь. Россия

  4. God bless you guys for your amazing work.. I have no words for your efforts to save a life.. I just did my part of help by making a small donation..

  5. I'm 19 I'm just a student. I wish i could donate you guys but right now All i can do is like and subscribe and not skip the ads. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much 😭.

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