10 thoughts on “Shiba Inu Puppies LIVESTREAM – Day 1

  1. Congratulations Suki and humans!! Sorry for Shiro😂😂 bumbum are little poopers coming… Raya will be a very good big sis 👍👍 greetings from Spain!!!🇪🇸

  2. So tired Suki – now get lots of rest if possible and lots of good food. Keep Raya and Shiro at bay for a while.
    I love Suki and her calm face.

  3. Suki congratilation, for babies I am sory for the litle babies 😔. Raya, you are so cute for Suki awlyos supravision for her you mis her. I know that Raya to lovley so much to Suki ❤️🤗.I price that for you Raya, bicause to lovley so much Suki. Thank you Raya, you are so god gril. And human be careful and the care. ❤️🤗🙏

  4. Suki, poor baby. God has your baby with him. Please be well. Hoping that all is safe for the two surviving pups and Mom. Oliver rest your mind. God's will is God's will.

  5. Sad and happy at the same time☺️Congratulations famblee and Rest In Peace little Angel😇Please watch over your baby sister and brother❤️

  6. Congrats on the babies. .wondering if Suki ever sleeps. She seems to be awake all the time.

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