Small puppy was found in terrible condition, abandoned in a cemetery alone and helpless.

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Her name is Ann. Her condition was very bad when we found her, she was suffering from parvo, had serious diarrhea and was very much dehydrated.
Her little body was covered in fleas and had small worms at the back of her body in her dirty hair because of the diarrhea and flys was on her all the time.
It was a hard image to see…
Thankfully, with the vets care of course, Ann is a healthy puppy today and soon will be looking for a forever home.
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Small puppy was found in terrible condition, abandoned in a cemetery alone and helpless.

10 thoughts on “Small puppy was found in terrible condition, abandoned in a cemetery alone and helpless.

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  2. Thank you for your selfless service towards these souls…
    May the Almighty God bless you…

  3. As I have asked in other YouTube posts with dogs in the same situation in condition as this poor dog, I am asking what freaking country is this?! There are flowers on the graves so obviously people have been there and more than likely have seen this puppy and nobody and I mean nobody picked it up took it to a vet check for a microchip which it probably did not have but still did not rescue this dog?! I would really like to know which Third World country with freaks and assholes would not help any dog that is Obviously in need!

  4. And why did they need to get a call so to speak about a puppy that needs rescuing why didnt the person that was making the phone call freaking do something?! Instead of walking away etc. etc.

  5. And the condition these other dogs are living in when she took it from the vet and brought it home I guess it was home where is this place?!

  6. Why wasnt this puppy given a bath?! What kind of a vet did she take it to?!

  7. Hod bless you for helping this beautiful souls. Lease help more animals who is in need..

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