South Carolina Puppy Mill Rescue

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The HSUS’s Animal Rescue Team came to the aid of more than 200 dogs and puppies, along with dozens of birds and nine horses, living in awful conditions at a facility that sold puppies online.

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South Carolina Puppy Mill Rescue

10 thoughts on “South Carolina Puppy Mill Rescue

  1. I hate these monsters, also called humans, who do this to innocent animals!
    I'm so greatful the animals are out of this horrible place!

  2. dog πŸ• lover cat 🐈 lover bird 🐦 lover
    animal lover pick or

    pug lover im a pug lover

  3. Some of these dogs that are locked up and neglected are EXPENSIVE dogs wtf

  4. We all have ssen it and we all believe it. It's got to be stopped for good Take everything they own and lock them up.

  5. I agree it got to be stop all they think of is moneys in their bank and how fast can they start another lots they don,t give them love and huge sad to see them suffer God. Bless you all thanks

  6. It needs to be put to a stop all over the country! People who owns puppy mills and treat their animals like this….just shoot them in the head and call it a day ~ then you won't have to worry about them moving to another county and starting a new puppy mill all over again. They are going to hell for how they treated another living soul….just help them get there a little faster…

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