Special needs puppy with foxes.

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Our newest pet surrender. Her name is Bell. She is a deaf and blind 3 month old catahoula leopard dog.
Right now Bell is on a strict schedule. A schedule is very important for a deaf and blind dog. She goes outside for playtime and is fed specific times of the day.
We are teaching her series of ‘nose taps’ to mean different things. She uses her potty pads very well indoors. She is a very intelligent dog and is learning fast.
She will be adoptable to the right home. We care for a lot of animals here that require very specialized homes, with that are our strict adoption qualifications. For Bell she will need to go to a home that has a stay at home parent and experience in dog training. You will need a vet that feels comfortable seeing a special needs dog and you will need to show some proof of a dog training course you have taken. 🦊🐶🦊 We have our seeing eye foxes Winter and Francesca on dog sitting duty during her playtime. How cute! ⭐
Today Bell went to the vet for a old injury prior to her arrival that turned into a abscess. She also got spayed!
She is being well cared for and is recovering well from her spay.

Please go to saveafox.org and to fill out a adoption application if you feel like you would be the perfect fit for her.
Thank you!

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Special needs puppy with foxes.

10 thoughts on “Special needs puppy with foxes.

  1. build a collar / bridle that has soft flexable rods on it so she can detect if something is nearby before bumping into it

  2. Its so interesting seeing how well the two interact with her and how differently they do it too!
    Winter seems to be more concerned with sticking beside Bell as she finds her way around, to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble and get out of her sight. Very motherly.
    Francesca also is caring but more of a sisterly role. She isn’t afraid to play with her just like her litter mates would, which no doubt makes Bell feel welcome and at home.
    Both can no doubt tell something is different about Bell, but neither are letting it cloud their ability to care for such a young pup or play with her.

  3. She gets around surprisingly well for a blind & deaf pup. My dog is blind. He was my foster (abandoned in a park by evil people) then I fell in love with him & adopted him. But there’s eye drops that have helped him see better. He bumps into things far less. Drops are on amazon called Can-C.

  4. Little gall is doing a great job id honestly never tell she was that disabled without being told

  5. I bet she would make an incredibly good scent sniffing / tracking dog. Her sense of smell would be so well tuned.
    Should also make an enclosure that objects have scent on them so she can sense them with smell. Maybe when she gets older and slows down the excitement a bit.
    She is pretty aware of her surroundings. Almost seems like she can see or hear a little but must be smell.

  6. Amazing to see the foxes can tell she's just a baby even thought they're almost the same size. They were sooo good with her.

  7. Thankfully she has a keen sense of smell….. she has a great way of teaching herself…..

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