Stop Accidents Indoors With THIS Puppy Potty Training Plan

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One of the most common puppy potty training struggles we hear from puppy owners is that they take their puppy outside and then the puppy pees immediately when they come back in! In this video, Instructor Steve is going to talk about a simple training plan that will help you to avoid some of the common mistakes that new puppy owners make when it comes to potty training. For some puppies, it will be an easy process to learn not to have accidents indoors, but for others, there needs to be better information! And since we want our dogs to get the best information possible, having a game plan will help you AND your puppy to be successful!

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00:00 Stop Accidents Indoors With THIS Puppy Potty Training Plan
00:23 Getting Your Puppy Outside For Potty Training
02:25 Supervision Is KEY To Avoid Potty Training Accidents
04:16 Have A Daily Routine For Puppy Housetraining
05:14 DON’T Use Food To Reward Your Puppy!
06:50 Teaching Your Puppy Not To Pee Inside
08:39 What If You’re Still Having Accidents Indoors?

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Happy Training! ~Ken
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10 thoughts on “Stop Accidents Indoors With THIS Puppy Potty Training Plan

  1. Your puppy just allowing the leash to…. Is that a separate training video πŸ˜‚ My puppy cannot resist… πŸ˜‚

  2. Use verbal cue….like "go pee pee", when she goes pee pee….say "good dog" and immediately take them inside. This makes them know what they were out there for.

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    Happy Training!

  4. What do I do if I live 40 floors up and it generally takes me a few minutes to get outside

  5. Make sure to guard your bed! It is one of the favorite places that puppies do their deed. It expensive to replace the bedding and a new mattress. Place a full array of puppy pads on top of your bed just in case!

  6. My puppy hasn’t β€œgone” outside even once and he’s been home for 2 days. He doesn’t even try to go he just comes back to my feet and wants to go back inside. He’s only 7 weeks old. Does anyone have any advice? I feel like I’ve watched every video possible and I just can’t figure it out

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