STOP Puppy Biting With A DIFFERENT Approach!!

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Every week we help hundreds of students with their puppy biting training. You might be surprised to find out that there are a few common mistakes that puppy owners make that can make their puppy biting training MUCH more difficult. It’s time to look at the BIG picture of your training, and make a change!

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00:00 What You Don’t Know About Puppy Biting Training
01:10 Get Control Of Your Puppy WIth A House-Line
03:29 This Step Will Change Your Puppy Biting Training
04:49 Forget What You’ve Been Told About Puppies Playing Tug
06:15 The Rules That Start To Change Your Puppy Biting Training
07:11 Your Puppy Crate Is A Helpful Management Tool
07:53 This Is Where You Start To Make Better Choices
09:39 The Biggest Mistake With Puppy Treat Training

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STOP Puppy Biting With A DIFFERENT Approach!!

10 thoughts on “STOP Puppy Biting With A DIFFERENT Approach!!

  1. Sometimes when I play tug with my puppy, she will accidentally nip me but I worry it's going to become a habit – what should you do if your puppy accidentally nips you during play?

  2. So, I'm watching this video.. and my puppy when I grab her collar only falls down laying there squirming and whining…

  3. My puppy keeps biting and chewing on the house line though. Any videos on stopping that?

  4. Check out this private lesson that we did specifically for puppy biting with an adorable and energetic puppy named Penny:

  5. Can you show me your videos about redirecting or correcting behaviours. I hear you talk about following through but can't see a video on it

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