Stop puppy biting with handling games

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This is an in depth tutorial on how to teach your puppy to be calm and relaxed when being handled and petted. The tutorial also covers how to manage and prevent puppy biting as well as what to do if your puppy does bite you or become mouthy. I will be shortly making another tutorial on how to teach your puppy to not bite your clothes or the leash. However I do have an older video on that you can check out if you simply cant wait.

The third step requires the puppy has a few other skills under his belt. You can train them all as soon as you get your puppy. And then after a couple of weeks add all the skills together. My puppy in the video I had been training for 2 weeks already when we were demoing step 3. As you can see, calm handling pays off!

The first exercises to work with your puppy on along side handling exercises are:
The default leave it from treats in your hand or bait bag-
The attention noise/eye contact-
The settle-
If you have an extremely shy puppy you can work on the puppy touching your fingers first before you start touching your puppy-
This video covers how to teach your puppy not to bite at your clothes and accessories:
A big thank you to Ansel the German Shepherd puppy for co starring in this video!

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Happy Training!

– Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

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Stop puppy biting with handling games

10 thoughts on “Stop puppy biting with handling games

  1. I wish I had this video when my dog came home 18 months ago! He is so adorable – this video needs to be watched twice: once for you and once for Halo!

  2. Our puppy gets very excited after she sees us even if we are gone for just 15 minutes. When she comes to greet us she bites us playfully in places like our hands and ears. Can you please help us solve this issue? She is very friendly and she has started to do this when guests come over too.. Thanks! You and your sweet little team are awesome!

  3. This video covers how to teach your puppy not to bite at your clothes and accessories:

  4. I was fortunate to be able to foster two 8 week old puppies for several weeks and observe how they handle hard bites from one another. One would give a big yelp if bitten too hard, and it does not stop it would snap at the other puppy to get it to stop. Humans should just give out a stern loud NO to the puppy if bitten too hard, and if it continues just stop and give the puppy a time out by holding it's mouth firmly (but not enough to hurt it) and not letting it move for a few seconds and say no. Eventually, it will learn to inhibit it's bite.

  5. How do you manage a pup that is not motivated by treats…have tried kibble. cooked meat and various other supposed irresistible temptations, but she will just ignore them or take them and drop them out of her mouth. Even if hungry…e.g before meal times.

  6. I had no idea I was getting bitten because he wasn't comfortable with handling.

    Thanks so much Kiko. The attention game is already starting to make progress. Will try this too.

  7. Love your videos!! You breakdown and explain what needs to be done with your puppy. A very informative and wonderful video….

  8. interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover puppy training tips try Loctavan Quick Puppy Strategy (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my m8 got cool success with it.

  9. Thanks. Our new puppy is extremely mouthy and she is now 13 weeks old. We tried the "saying ouch" (which really doesn't work), not giving attention (where I put my hands away and stay still until she calms down), redirecting, and putting her back in her own play area. The stop giving attention, redirecting, or putting her back in her area works some for play biting. However, she gets very mouthy with petting and I had not seen any solutions to this. We can hardly ever hold or pet her without her biting. Now I'm going to use your methods to address the mouthing behavior since most of it seems stemmed from her being excited and curious. We have never had a puppy like this and our previous puppy didn't hardly go through any teething issues. We have been using Kongs and a few other chew toys.

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