STOP Puppy Biting With These 7 Rules For Training

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Puppy biting is a pretty common challenge for a new puppy owner. Puppy biting can actually be stopped a lot more easily than most people realize. It’s important that before you focus on the actual training through the nuisance behavior, that you are realizing all of the things that you’re doing that are giving your puppy opportunities to make these bad choices. You’ll be able to stop puppy biting sooner if you follow these 7 rules for puppy training!

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STOP Puppy Biting With These 7 Rules For Training

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  1. Are you struggling with your puppy not listening to you? Here are 5 changes that you need to make to your training to get them listening again:

  2. Hey but my 3month old puppy bites too much馃槹馃槹..we adopted him just 4 days back he don't listen to us 馃槱馃槱.. how can we teach him by giving him treat with our hand when he does not allow us to even pet him?!?!?!!!????please help…鈽光樄鈽光樄鈽光樄

  3. What's the best way to clean my puppy's ears with out a fight? He really doesn't like it and we have to pin him down while his having this done, which is stressful for us all?! Thank you

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