STOP Puppy Crying in Crate 🛑 How To Crate Train a New Puppy!

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Crate training a puppy is easier with the tips I share in this video. I specifically share crate training tips for your puppy’s first night, what to do when you go to work AND how to stop barking in the crate. More training tip videos below!

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*Please note, do not try anything anything in this video at home without parent supervision and approval. Also, I am not a professional dog trainer or veterinarian. Any recos, suggestions or advice are simply my opinion and what works for me. Please always seek professional guidance before taking any action. Please foster and train dogs at your own risk under adult supervision and approval. My content may include affiliate and/or sponsored links.

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STOP Puppy Crying in Crate 🛑  How To Crate Train a New Puppy!

10 thoughts on “STOP Puppy Crying in Crate 🛑 How To Crate Train a New Puppy!

  1. Click LIKE if this video was helpful with crate training a new puppy, or new foster dog! I appreciate you guys so much. If you had fun with this fun, my ask is for you to share with ONE friend! Let's get the whole world to help #SAVEALLTHEDAMNDOGS


  2. Omg yes I definitely know sooo much more than I did before this video thank you

  3. Maybe its a better idea to physically show people how you do this instead of just explaining it. I like your calm energy! Thanks for fostering dogs you are awesome🙂🤗

  4. I put my GS puppy in my large bathroom with newspaper (she knows to where to pee) water (already ate) toys and alexa playing classical music when I have to leave. The most i have left her was about an hour and a half she cried a lil and she calmed down and went to sleep. Now the crate i keep it open with her food and water when im home. She has laid in there once in 3 weeks I had her. She peed in there like 3 times.

  5. Didn't learn new things, but video is still great.
    What should I do if the puppy is crying only when I leave the room?

  6. I'm getting a goldendoodle puppy in a few weeks and i hope i'm gonna do my best to make her happyand confident and I watched many videos from you and i feel comgortable now

  7. We found a little puppy on the street and she was skin and bones. She is now my puppy and we are pretty happy. But she isn't very playful and she doesn't really take treats. How can I reward her when she is good in the crate? P.S. you are amazing 😁

  8. I have a 4-pound Chihuahua that is a rescue dog. What size crate should I use for him? He's so small…any crate is pretty big for him. I get a little confused about the whole potty training versus crate training.

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