Sunday at the Farm – Puppies testing out new puppy pen

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A few moments from our Sunday today here at the farm.

Lots of fun hanging out together. Shadow joined the weekend pack and also had some time inside with the girls. Her favourite.

The puppies were happy to have Dad Conrad here for the weekend. Hercules had a lot of fun with Shadow and Barney playing. Harry loved sitting on Lukes lap.

The puppies tested out the new indoor pen Adam has been making on our rescue days. We still need to set up the playground in it and put in the air con for the hot days, but the pups still thought it was fun.

We hope you had a lovely weekend ❤️

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Sunday at the Farm – Puppies testing out new puppy pen

10 thoughts on “Sunday at the Farm – Puppies testing out new puppy pen

  1. Puppy heaven what a great life your family has surrounded by pure joy , also Sam I love your taste in your back ground music ❤️

  2. I love Tillie. Head of Everything. She sometimes looks pissed off and doesn't see the point of mud swimming. 😂😂

  3. These puppies are so cute. It’s wonderful to see Shadow with the family. A very happy video.

  4. Sometimes we want to steal perhaps because we are not capable to love ourselves. I would mainly want to steal puppies. Don't worry I live in the UK. I am working on my behavior with doctors. Just a response to one of your videos.

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