Taking Care Of Newborn Puppies

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How to take care of newborn pups. Some tips on what to expect and what to do. Coming from the beyond side of Taking Care. http://awareness.takingcare.ws

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Taking Care Of Newborn Puppies

10 thoughts on “Taking Care Of Newborn Puppies

  1. see love how you called them Grand pups cuz that's what they really are to us 🐾🐶🐕

  2. Thank you this video,, few days more i will have my 1st litter of pit bull,, still learning though

  3. This helped me a lot 4 of my dog’s puppies opened there eyes 2 days ago they are going on 3 weeks now but one of them hasn’t opened he’s eyes I was a little concerned 😟

  4. Hey i live in delaware I was wondering how much do you sell those ofrn pups for

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