Teach Your Puppy To Calm Down With This 7 Minute Exercise

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One of the biggest struggles you may face with your puppy training is trying to teach your puppy to calm down when you need them to. Puppies can have SO much energy and while it’s really important that we make the most of that time, working on skills where they can focus that energy, there will be times that you will want them to just pick a spot nearby and hang out quietly. In this video, Instructor Carol will show you how you can “jackpot” reward your puppy so they feel rewarded when they CHOOSE to calm down.

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Teach Your Puppy To Calm Down With This 7 Minute Exercise

10 thoughts on “Teach Your Puppy To Calm Down With This 7 Minute Exercise

  1. Are you struggling with your puppy not listening to you? You don’t have to be frustrated with your puppy training! Here are 5 changes that you need to make to your training to get them listening again: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7BBgLulhermMO1yujRTZdIwkIqazEGlT

  2. Finally a video with an untrained dog I learn better seeing the actual process.

  3. Wow! This is interesting, thank you for posting this video.
    It is indeed one of the biggest struggles on how to make your little puppy calm down.

  4. We just adopted a special needs Border Collie mix puppy. When she was about three months, her previous owners accidentally ran over her, and broke her pelvis and shattered her femur.

    She’s currently almost 7-months-old, and she seems super smart! Do you have any suggestions for building strength in her legs and core? She seems to want to do all the tricks the other dog is able to do, but because of her bad leg, she doesn’t have the strength or confidence to do them, yet.

  5. Thank you for this video! I'm guessing you also use a crate? So do you have to teach lying on a bed and going/staying in a crate separately or can they be linked somehow?

  6. When I try this with my puppy, he won’t settle on the bed. Instead he just stares at me and barks when the treats don’t come fast enough for his liking. Does anyone have any tips?

  7. what if my dog wants to litterally eat the bed. like, we gave her about 2 or 3 beds, and she has chewed them all up, we have resorted to a blanket, then she ate that up, and then a towel, and for some reason she wont eat that. problem is, is that she will not calm down.

  8. What do you do with the bed at times the puppy may choose to go on it but you cannot see & therefore can't reward them i.e. overnight, while you're focussing on a child, when you're on the loo? Do you make it inaccessable to them?

  9. My puppy would rather just bite and play with the bed, how can I stop him and get him to just sit and lay on it calmly?

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