Teaching our Puppy, Spot, how to stay!

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In this episode, Cesar teaches Spot, our puppy, how to stay using the stairs!

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Teaching our Puppy, Spot, how to stay!

10 thoughts on “Teaching our Puppy, Spot, how to stay!

  1. My dog Is maybe agressive.. He is Pretty calm with me, but as soon he sees another dog his hair is going up.. My leach is not under any tension and when I walk by other dogs I make him go sit so he can calm down but still it happens.. He was scared in the beginning (pee all over) haha so maybe he is insucure or so? Or is this behavior normal?

  2. Cesar! Is there any way you could add subtitles in spanish? I often talk about your channel here in mexico but most people dont know english =(. You could grow your views and teach more people in one video

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