The long-awaited velocity puppies update

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The long-awaited velocity puppies update

10 thoughts on “The long-awaited velocity puppies update

  1. That sucks, that no one wants to do an ear crop anymore, I hope that changes

  2. Awww 🥰 sweet, fat puppies they look well fed and satisfied. 😍
    Love Velocity's puppies, too. Velocity obviously loves her babies so good to see that, super mood lifting video, again. Thank you! 😊

  3. I’m sad that there will be no more little velocity babies anymore 😢as I wanted one from her, I’ve been watching since eighth grade and now I’m going to be a senior in a few months 😅 at least you’ll have her daughters in the program still, so I’m hoping I can get one from them 😆….. but I extremely happy you decided to keep her!!! 😊 what will we do without the hyena correcting the future senza pups!?? 😅😂

  4. Out of curiosity, is there a reason to be selective in what females you keep after they are done? Cause I notice some girls leave, and others stay.

  5. Nooooo I'm so sad about Velocity retiring 😭 but im also happy for her. Ive always said i was going to get me a velocity puppy but we arent gwtting our land for quite a while. She's had a good run and she'll make a good babysitter for future babies 💜

  6. They are absolutely adorable!!! Love your videos!! I will be getting my own fur baby next year!!! Thank you for being so informative on your videos!!!

  7. Hey can you do a video of amstaff breeding? I am currently studding my pitty out. The dams owner has bred her own Rottweilers plenty, but it's ours and our dogs very first time with all this!

    Especially touching on calm the male down when they're brought together. Hes right off the wall when he sees her, to the point hes humping her all over and only managed to get locked the first time out of 3-5 days of her coming over.

    A video or comment with advice and tips would be amazing. TIA

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