THIS Will Solve 90% Of Your Puppy Training Problems!

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There are a couple of essential things every new puppy owner needs to know. An important tool that can help a puppy stay safe and keep them out of trouble is the puppy training house line. In this video, Instructor Steve will talk about how to use it, and how to stop your puppy from chewing it!

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00:00 When To Use A Puppy Training House Line
02:08 How To Use A Puppy Training House Line
03:44 Good Supervision In Puppy Training Starts HERE
05:16 Time To Take A BIG PICTURE Look At Your Puppy Training

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Happy Training! ~Ken
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THIS Will Solve 90% Of Your Puppy Training Problems!

10 thoughts on “THIS Will Solve 90% Of Your Puppy Training Problems!

  1. you're not accounting for the fact that we don't all have 100% of our time EVERY time puppy is out of the crate

  2. mine gathers up the WHOLE line in his mouth if I turn my back for 15 seconds. Not to chew on it, but he knows if it drags behind him we can step on it. It does help if he decides to pick up something else, but he knows EXACTLY how long that line is and how fast he has to move to keep us from stepping on it!

  3. People in this comments section really donโ€™t seem to understand the real time commitment for raising a puppy. If you donโ€™t have time to supervise a dog, donโ€™t get one. Itโ€™s not that different from having a baby or toddler. Think of how much supervision a small human requires. My dog is six months old now. She doesnโ€™t require 100% supervision anymore because we have created an environment where sheโ€™s less likely to make mistakes and we spent so much time setting expectations for her.

  4. Our puppy will not just sleep in her crate when the rest of our dogs are not in a crate. She loses her mind and has plenty of stamina. We don't have dogs to stick them in a crate half the day and we aren't going to stick our older dogs in a crate just for the puppy. So – do you have any training strategies that don't rely on caging the dog?

  5. Excellent demo, Steve! The latest threat to thin, older skin is an untrained _oodle. Many of these gorgeous dogs are sadly being seen as a cute accessory rather than a dog.

  6. We tried the houseline. No matter how much we persevered and redirected him (3.23), he would not give up chewing the house line. He would see it as the most convenient chew toy that conveniently followed him around wherever he went.

  7. Just asking if you can help me , am picking a male shih tzu first week of July! Am nervous as hell! What characteristics would I be looking for? How to pick the right one? Please help, been watching your training views and am very anxious . House is getting smaller already. Just hope am blessed with the right one! Help๐Ÿ™

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