10 thoughts on “Three innocent puppies abandoned to face their fate(part 3)

  1. A lovely video. Made me happy to see sweetheart Stray girl. Where does she eat her meal at ? The Leader dog is such a sweetheart, too. Does she share meals with puppies, on the roof? Maybe they eat most of it. Leader looks kind of thin now.

  2. What a great start to the day this is. Love to hear them eating! Ans so good to see the leader again. Best wishes to all.

  3. So lovely to see kittens and puppies eating and playing together. Thank you for the love and care you give these once lost and nearly forgotten babies. Bless you. 🥰💕❤️

  4. Thanks for the look at everybody…the Leader is tall. The black kitten is now a cat! Stray girl sweet and separate as usual. Hope the mom to all. And fun happy puppies. Looks like one pig happy family. Great job! 🐶❤️😻

  5. I love how the girl puppy follows your partner, how sweet. Lovely to see them doing so well, thank you for saving their lives 😊 ❤

  6. So playful and happy now as you are taking care of them
    Love meal time phew it’s the only time they’re quiet bless them and lovely to see this menagerie of beautiful babies
    They are all indeed angels

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