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Dr Scott Miller meets two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that were rescued from an inhumane puppy farm. A life of mistreatment and overbreeding has left these shy dogs with some serious health issues, from rotting teeth to even a heart murmur! It will be an uphill battle to restore their health as well as their faith in humanity…

This incredible story was taken from Bondi Vet Season 3 episode 15 – Watch the full episode here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnNvuW7gJ6E&list=PL2FmLWmdveeLfER-9VLSE8gVhn31cNpvy&index=47&t=711s&ab_channel=BondiVet

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Timid Puppy Farm Victims in Shocking Condition ๐Ÿ’” | Vet on the Hill Clips | Bondi Vet

10 thoughts on “Timid Puppy Farm Victims in Shocking Condition ๐Ÿ’” | Vet on the Hill Clips | Bondi Vet

  1. Those poor babies remind me of my rescue shih tzu. The rescue believed he came from a puppy mill and he didnโ€™t know how to dog. He learned from our other dogs.

  2. Sara has such a calm quiet demeanor which is just what these dogs need just coming out of a puppy mill. Lol.. yes naughty is a good thing for Rufus.

  3. I wanted a labrador puppy as a therapy dog for my daughter.. I nearly got caught by a puppy farm ๐Ÿ™ they sent pictures with clearly 2 different "mums" and the one photo they sent the dog looked so sad and ill it broke my heart.. They cancelled on us a few times and changed location.. We ended up getting a local pup who came from a lovely cottage in a quiet village. The mum was happy and her pup, I was also asked allot of questions about our family life and our intentions which showed they genuinely cared for the pups.. In the future if i get another dog itll be rescue dogs 100%

  4. Rufus must be cavalier / kooiker mix.. So good that they are saved from the terrible life โค

  5. It should be illegal to advertise puppies for sale without a breeders license number or a rescue shelter number (so only registered breeders/shelters can advertise/sell dogs). It should also be illegal to sell a puppy or a dog without it being neutered unless the person purchasing the dog has a breeder license.

    Because it is illegal to advertise puppies for sale without a breeder/rescue license where I live, I was able to convince a close friend to neuter their new dog instead of giving in to pressure from family/friends to breed her because THEY wanted a puppy. Once this friend knew that any "extra" puppies would have to be surrendered to a rescue for disposal, the dog was neutered within 2 weeks……this system IS helping to reduce the number of unwanted litters where I live and it shows in the smaller number of puppies available through rescues than there are in other states in my country. Hasnt stamped the problem out yet, but at least we're working on viable solutions.

  6. You know, weโ€™re all NOT just a bunch of weirdos, I, very much like, the education I can ONLY see here on you tube! ๐Ÿค”. The trick is to SEE it! Otherwise, thereโ€™s not much be much going on, as far as the was, the way of educating n

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