Training Your Labrador Retriever Puppy Part One

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In this video, I give some recommendations concerning the proper way to start training a Labrador Retriever. Notice how calm and attentive this eleven week old puppy remains while I film. Too often, novice trainers fail to realize the importance of developing proper work ethic and impulse control during the imprinting stage. I promise that if you will hold your pups to a high standard when they are young, it will make the whole process as easy as buttering bread! Here’s a link to my website if you would like more information about my services: Here’s a link to my Instagram if you would just like to see some cool photos:

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Training Your Labrador Retriever Puppy Part One

10 thoughts on “Training Your Labrador Retriever Puppy Part One

  1. I’m back five years later re watching and refreshing as we welcome our new lab puppy this friday😁

  2. I know this comment is way late but I watched these videos before I actually got a black lab puppy. It has been awesome and my dog "River" is the envy of all my friends that have dogs. He is such a good dog. Thank you so much for your time and professionalism Sir.

  3. I’m about to get my self a 8 week lab. And with every video I watched so far all they do is give them treats non stop just for being a dog. But this guy actually understands why you should give them treats. Thank you as well just for this little video because as soon as I get my pup home first thing I’m gonna do it try to teach her to be calm if I’m not giving her attention.

  4. I trained my 7 week old using a ball. Trained her off leash. The ball was a great motivator.

  5. Just bought my second lab puppy yesterday he’s 7 weeks old. Thank you for these methods I’ve tried a lot for my first lab and she a great house dog. I’m eager to use your training on this one.

  6. What's a good training treat, that won't cause diarrhea 💩 Have my 9 month old German Shepherd on Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy and he does okay with it but when I go to the training biscuits he gets diarrhea 🤷‍♂️ working really hard on his accepting other people walking by and he's having a real hard time with other dogs since the neighbors big old golden ambushed him outside. He was really stressed out for a couple days scanning the house and looking out all the windows growling. Up until that time he was starting to calm down using your program with the treats he would stay next to me and slow down to a slow pace ha!

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