Traumatized Puppy Mill Dog Makes an Amazing Recovery

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Trapped in a puppy mill, Coconut the dog had never known love—until she was rescued by the ASPCA. Watch a video of her incredible transformation and recovery, and find out how you can help save more dogs from a life of fear, pain and neglect.

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Traumatized Puppy Mill Dog Makes an Amazing Recovery

10 thoughts on “Traumatized Puppy Mill Dog Makes an Amazing Recovery

  1. Please adopt a child before adopting any animals we also have abused children in foster cares that need help make donations for the children not animals…….

  2. We’re on month 3 of trying to rehabilitate our ShihTzu Amish puppy mill survivor. She has made some progress, but not the progress that you have shown in this amazing video. We’re going to try some of the things that you have suggested and see if that helps. She’s a sweetheart under that coat of fear, and we’ve seen glimpses of happiness. Our goal is to give her the life of pure joy that she has not yet had. <3

  3. Very good, there's not many people who will go as far you all do. Thank you.
    It makes me sick to see the kennels that these puppy mills use and the conditions they are raised in. Yeah, maybe the population needs to be brought down, but neutering/spading should be the way

  4. I can't find words not to call this guys who are creating this damn mills f*cking f*ggots

  5. ALL animals — not just “pets” — want to love, be loved, enjoy their freedom and live on THEIR OWN terms. Do you claim to “love” animals? Do you claim to be against animal cruelty? Then walk your talk — BE VEGAN — and stop supporting “acceptable” animal cruelty, theft and violence inside cultural norms of society. See the VICTIMS of your non-vegan habits and turn your heart towards justice rather than socially accepted prejudice. Learn compassion and reverence for life. &

  6. grazie siete fantastici grazie di tutto ciao buona vita amori!!🐕💕💕👏👏

  7. bellissimo siete fantastici grazie ciao buona serata grandi grazie!!!👏👏🐕😍💕

  8. Great video it's a miracle in the making watching the interaction & then gradual change to total change. Thank you

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