Two homeless puppies waiting for help(part 1)

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A young man here in the village called me and showed me two lonely little puppies, he said he saw them when he was coming home, As usual I went there immediately and I found them as the caller described to me, here is the video…

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Two homeless puppies waiting for help(part 1)

10 thoughts on “Two homeless puppies waiting for help(part 1)

  1. The poor starving puppies. They will know love now. Hope will help them. I’m glad that they could play with one another after filling their bellies. So many dogs in the streets. Thank you for rescuing them.

  2. Aw thank you so much for your compassion and caring for them and finding them homes

  3. The cries of the puppies are heartbreaking. Thank goodness you are there to help them. Best wishes

  4. These 2 beautiful puppies are so lucky to be rescued. There are so many strays in the community is bcoz the strays aren't spayed, no population control, lack of awareness in the community. Spaying is also good to reduce unnecessary sufferings in the open. Angel papa you're already set very good example, we animal lovers are so appreciative. Kudos 👍👍👍👍👍😇

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