10 thoughts on “Two Puppies vs One Cat: Who Will Win!

  1. OMG I love this…this is the funniest cutest thing ever…don't know why this would have any dislikes ?!?

  2. haha the cat had his tactic all worked out andk new if he ignored them long enough they would go away! I love it

  3. Critters are fascinating when I was a kid my mom had a silver poodle and we had a Maine Coon cat and he was a male and they were raised together the poodle was a female my mother would say kiss the kitty and the poodle would go up next to him and chew his whiskers off another bunch of Critters we had some ducks unfortunately the neighbors dog came in and killed a mother duck. our Boston Terrier took up the task of raising the baby ducks she would follow the Ducks around and if they got too close to the horses she would bite the horses ankles and make them move back in my childhood in Morgan Hill we had four horses and six ponys

  4. What a tolerant kitty!!!  Reminds me of our yellow cat with our cocker spaniel.

  5. My cat would have put those two in their place immediately! Yours is such a gentleman!

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