Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. Puppy 1, Northern AKK.

Puppies Video Information:

Aptitude test of Puppy 1 from a litter of 2 born 19 Jan 17.

The aptitude test was originally developed by Joachim and Wendy Volhard and is a widely recognised method of testing aptitude of puppies to help match them to homes and observe areas of strength or improvement for precious and further socialisation, development and training opportunities.

Boring Note:
I realise the touch sensitivity was not done on the paw webbing in the video. It was redone once I’d put the camera away and results recorded accordingly, there was a 1 second difference in both cases. Also the Sound Sensitivity noise was loud, but I have reduced the video volume significantly so not to provide a harsh clang sound especially if you’re listening with earphones.

Flaws in the test:

The test itself is flawed to an extent and not definitive, it’s a good basic indication but it is subject to variable test conditions and doesn’t allow for different levels and experiences of socialisation or other factors.

Some examples:
– These pups have experienced some of the test elements already during the comprehensive socialisation experiences I introduce them to from week 3 onwards so our pups have an advantage over pups who may not have experienced loud bangs, surprises, examination, holding, basic start on follow or recall training, etc. The test assumes, to an extent, a lack of socialisation or training prior to it being conducted.

– Their pain and touch sensitivity is also subjective for example if they have siblings they may have become used to bite control, pain and exposure by playing with siblings and parents teaching them, if they are an only pup they may not have learned that element of play and bite suppression / being bitten and may have a lower pain threshold. Equally if a pup has siblings they may have been the biter not the bitten so they may have a higher pain threshold having not been bitten or trampled on, etc so it doesn’t always necessarily give an accurate indication, it is basic and subject to external factors.

– The test is meant to be done by someone unknown to the pups, this in itself can present a flaw in that dogs react differently to different people they don’t know. At early stages like this it should not be the case but what if the tester has the smell of another animal on them or a particular food scent, or they don’t like the perfume, are unsure of the clothing if they haven’t been socialised with certain things like dark clothes or a flowing item, or if the tester has a beard and they haven’t been socialised with this, etc. So you can see how a simple thing like this can affect the result which may not be strictly accurate if it had been done by someone without that element.

All in all it’s a basic indication but not definitive due to flaw factor. Just because the results say to choose or avoid a pup does not mean it is correct so the best thing is to discuss with the breeder – a decent breeder will see the flaws in this test and also be able to give you a more accurate indication of how the puppy has progressed and their strengths, weaknesses and areas for training opportunity.

I hope you found this useful ๐Ÿ™‚

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Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. Puppy 1, Northern AKK.