We let Kiki the Bun Bun come around Suki & the Puppies – Part 1

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10 thoughts on “We let Kiki the Bun Bun come around Suki & the Puppies – Part 1

  1. nice to finally see Kiki! She’s so adorable😘😘hope to see very soon Bunbun and Baby Kenji and Baby Asami enjoying playing togethe🐇🐕🥰🥰

  2. As leader of the pack, Suki should respect you and not fight with Raya. You are probably not seen as their leader

  3. I think the problem Suki has with Raya is she is too energetic… Raya is still very young and unpredictable and Suki just doesn't trust her. To top it off Raya is very persistent. But once those puppies start moving around and can see I'm sure Suki will be more accepting.

  4. Oliver, you are playing favorites! Kenji gets way more attention than Asami!💞💞💞💞🤗

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