What did Shiro Do When Home Alone With Suki & Puppies?! 👁️👁️

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The curious Kitten by Aaron Kenny

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DOF 07/04/22

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10 thoughts on “What did Shiro Do When Home Alone With Suki & Puppies?! 👁️👁️

  1. I'm actually not supriesed that Suki doesn't care if Shiro is near the potats. I mean it's the father. But he is so cute when he was like: I'm just gonna take a bit Suki, you aren't even gonna notice.

  2. I definitely think that Suki at least needs that bowl in a clear box setup where it only lets the animal that has a certain chip on the collar get access to the food…that way Suki’s food would be protected from Shiro.

    I hope that Shiro DIDN’T get fed an additional bowl…
    he’d probably feel like the hooman was trying to starve him though…
    actually I wonder what’d happen if you had Shiro and Suki watch this video on the big screen tv…
    like that time you showed Suki that Shiro was trying to hump you and Suki got pissed off at Shiro for quite awhile…
    I wonder what their reactions would be to the hoomans acting like Big Brother and them having no privacy…

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