What Nobody Tells You About Having a Puppy

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What Nobody Tells You About Having a Puppy

10 thoughts on “What Nobody Tells You About Having a Puppy

  1. I would like a dumb super hyper shit eating animal as a companion because i can't function in human society!!! Help!!!

  2. my dog was never introduced to other when he was a pup, we got him when i was 6 or 7 so i wasn’t able to take him to parks to introduce him to others – the only time he ever met other dogs was a puppy school. my dog is so bonded to me that if anyone takes him near other dogs he will freak out but if i take him near other dogs he’s fine

  3. Can anybody reply to my comment because I might get a dog but I am in middle school and I am not sure if I should get a dog because of homework

  4. I love your channel! You make it look so easy. I’m looking to adopt a puppy and trying to educate myself.

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