Woman brings home a rat and discovers he’s just like a puppy

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Woman brings home a rat and discovers he’s just like a puppy

Check out their story: https://www.instagram.com/silly_city_rats/
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10 thoughts on “Woman brings home a rat and discovers he’s just like a puppy

  1. awww i had 2 rats Honey and Nicodemus (both girls) and i never had to put a lid on their cage. they would come and go as they wanted, but always went back to their cage to sleep/eat/use the litter. they liked to act like they were hiding from me inside the bottom of the sofa, but all i had to do was put a treat there and they would come out right away. i know they were playing me, and they knew i knew!

  2. Have to say they really are cute. You’re lucky to have those little rascals & they’re lucky to have you, as well.

  3. My first rat was a white male with red eyes. His name was snitzel, he came out when we called out his little sing song🎵 🎶. He could bound up the hallway with a boiled egg in his mouth. Rip snitzel

  4. Wonderful pets, so loving and intelligent, I could never have another because they don't live long enough and it breaks your heart😢 I would g rescue if needed

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