🐹🐍Hamster Escape From Snake Maze With Traps | Hamsterious

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Watch this little hamster escape from a snake maze filled with traps! This cute little guy has some serious skills and shows us how it’s done. Can you beat his record?

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We’re Hamsterious!!
Have you even seen any movies about prisoners escaping? This is NOT human prisoner, this is hamster prisoner. Get ready for a daring escape challenge, as we follow the antics of these determined little critters. They must find each other in order to make an epic prison break!
It is time to watch some courageous hamsters explore their most cunning plans: sneaking out and scouring every inch of this massive place looking for that one special friend…

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🐹🐍Hamster Escape From Snake Maze With Traps | Hamsterious

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  1. Our little friend is so brave, isn't he? 😎

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  2. 5:18 That could've killed it from shock. The drop probably even startled a lot of viewers.

  3. Stop harming animals just for views it can get hurt you are a devil for doing this they are animals they deserve way better than this they can get badly injured and all this stuff is bad for animals so stop

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