🐹Hamster vs Zombies Hamster Escape from obstacle course maze

Funny Hamsters Video Information:

Hamster escape from obstacle zombie course. My funny pet hamster is trying to get around difficult obstacles in the maze and on his way there are zombies, sometimes plants come for help. In new hamster stories Mr Humster was quick, brave and lucky.

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🐹Hamster vs Zombies Hamster Escape from obstacle course maze

10 thoughts on “🐹Hamster vs Zombies Hamster Escape from obstacle course maze

  1. Who Likes Hamsters???
    Writte below

    Don't worry, we insured the hamster throughout the passage of the maze. No hamster was hurt when creating this video!

    A few words from the authors of the video and little hamster actors

    Our dear friends!

    You care so much! Thanks a lot for your kindness!

    We can assure you, there are no reasons to worry about at all. This mazes are fun and amusement for our dear hamster pets. They love to examine new spaces. Watch the video one more time and pay attention – they move very confidently! Thats because they’re not frightened at all! When hamsters seem to loose interest in maze adventures, we stop video shooting immediately and bring them back in their home 🙂

    Every time every our little actors gets tasty treat for sure! They like nuts and sunflower seeds best of all!

    Love our cute funny pets and want more video? Please subscribe!

    We’ll be happy to see you again!

  2. Let me ask you this, what age group is your target audience? Regardless of whether the hamsters are injured or not, the children watching this, seeing a hamster dying, or running through a torture chamber is not healthy.

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