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I run a rescue/foster home and this is the story of the 10 litter intake that happened right after i took in Ginger’s litter last year. All of the hamsters mentioned in this story have found homes and so i am sharing the journey of caring for 10 baby Syrians without their mother.

As a reminder, please do not keep Adult Syrians together. They’re solitary. Unfortunately the past owner didn’t do her research or bred intentionally and had a litter she didn’t want to care for. For the health and safety of our pets, please be advised never to intentionally breed if you do not know what you’re doing. Hamsters from petstores have unknown genetics or poor genetic health. On top of unknown health concerns, you’re running the risk of the mother dying after the birth of her pups from the stress her body underwent. Syrians have a period of 16 days before giving birth. Do not be ignorant. Leave breeding to people who have pedigree’s and have the history of the hamsters bloodline and genetics. You’ve been warned by me, so don’t do it.
If you’re interested in ever becoming professional and care about the genetics and the good bloodline of hamsters as a hobby, some wonderful people to follow are Strongbrew Hamstery, Hubba Hubba Hamsters and Cheeks n Squeaks Hamsters.

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10 Hamster Litter Intake Story  | Munchie’s Place