10 thoughts on “6 Fun things to do with your Hamster

  1. So I’m over here already chilling with my hamster, and he is very active during playtime so right now he is climbing on my shoulder to my back as I’m typing with one hand lmao :3

  2. I have a winter white just like that! His name is Anikin, from Star Wars, love the vid!

  3. Hi! i saw a video of wasabis cage from 2015 and you were going to connect the two cages. How did you do that?

  4. Create a pet channel
    I have a channel but I wont post hamster videos alot
    JK when I get a hamster I will switch up my content Gacha is getting boring
    But I will get my future hammy A good cage and a Good life 🙂
    And not get a hamster just for VIEWS I will get a hammy because I've been wanting one for a while
    And ITS SOOO CUTE and it's like me awake at night Very tired at daytime

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