6 MISTAKES hamster owners make!

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Making mistakes is quite common when owning hamsters, which is why I hope this video can help any new owners from making mistakes, ​to begin with!
Let’s talk about hamster cages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sn2xo5CMX34
Best hamster cages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG0Atqmef2k

Unsafe hamster products:

Hamster sand baths:

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10 thoughts on “6 MISTAKES hamster owners make!

  1. I've been getting a couple of the same questions now so I'll answer them here:
    can dwarfs live together?
    I've created a whole video discussing it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qddycAz23k

    Is a 10 gallon aquarium okay?
    No, 10 gallons is only 200 SQ inches of floorspace which is much too small. 40 gallons is the absolute minimum when it comes to using tanks for hamsters. Here are some recommended cages https://youtu.be/OG0Atqmef2k

    Is wood shavings okay?
    The only safe wood shavings for hamsters is ASPEN or HEMP. Pine, Cedar or softwood shavings (another name for cedar/pine) all are dangerous to hamsters and can cause upper respiratory infections if used. If you wood shavings bag is unlabeled it is best to stop using it.

  2. Just got a hamster. The poor thing had "I've been here for a while" written on his display case and was on sale, 75% off. The clerk said he's mean.

    As a fish/reptile fan, this is the first mammal I've had in a while and my biggest obstacle is making the most naturalistic looking habitat while making sure he actually likes all his stuff.

  3. My cage for my hamster is small couse even if i tell my parents they just don't understand the good new is my hamster love they're cage one of them weel is to small so he use it as a sleeping place

    My dad and mom thought the weel is big enough since my hamster is small same with the cage :(((

  4. Legitimately solid advice! I’m about to purchase my first little friend and I was asking friends what they recommended and my one friend advised I look up your video! Appreciate it so much! Luckily I have the space and in my first house so this made my cage, roaming area, and hamster material decisions much easier! Thanks!

  5. Youst so u know I had a bunny that had the best life bunny ever could have! Soo she had a biggggggg cage out side, and she could go out and explore when ever she wanted! And yea we know that she could have runned away, but she loved her home and did't want to leave♡♡ and ofc we was there in the start and watched her run and eat grass ! It was soo butefule to watch❤ soo when the nigth comes we called her inn and she come runned in to her cage♡ we also took her in side some times so she could realxe☆♡ She got 10 years before she died😥 and we was thogeter forever….

  6. I would be considered a bad hamster owner but and can’t afford a big cage and parents likely won’t believe me since she says a lot of stuff like i raised hamsters when I was younger but barely any of the stuff is right

  7. omg i better tell my cousin he got two hamsters and housed them together oop

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