A Curious Day Out for Cute Hamsters

Funny Hamsters Video Information:

Cute hamsters enjoy exploring outside, featuring Mrs Spicy and Dr Pepper.
Full of Curiosity and Cuteness!

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Pixel Peeker Polka by Kevin MacLeod

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A Curious Day Out for Cute Hamsters

10 thoughts on “A Curious Day Out for Cute Hamsters

  1. Thank you all for joining here. Please do not try this at home, either your hamster or cat will most likely be stressed/injured.
    New house for my hamsters – https://youtu.be/5f0lqaPIzts

    I wish you a good day ❤️

    P.S. Even as an owner with 20 years' hamster experience, I am still learning all the time (I was only considering my view angle since I knew my pets, but I did realise that it may cause confusions in some viewers, hence I had stopped filming certain contents in my later videos). There have been lots of good advice given to improve my contents over the past years, and I really appreciate all of your contributions😊.

  2. he really likes adventure and maybe he also likes others hope he is always healthy and safe ❤️❤️❤️❤️🐹🐹

  3. There was this inconsiderate highhorse riding popular Hamster channel from Canada(y'all already know who I'm talking about) that I told about the lack of space here in Europe to properly house hamsters and she told me the Brits are doing just well, I now know she must have been referring to Kumaqq but, as much as I'm happy for Kumaqq not every European & damn sure not even most has access to so much earth space for pets to roam around as most European live in blocks of flat where every square inch counts and she argued me down, real bourgie, no wonder the world has endless problems smh.

  4. Strange. I just had to re-subscribe. I wonder why I was unsubscribed. I love this channel. 😀 Weird. … Cute video btw!

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