Adorable Tiny Hamster Compilation Video!! ♥ Welcome Home Pudding ♥

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Anyone following me on Instagram will probably know that I got a second little hamster a month ago! I gave her some time to settle in and hope you enjoy this compilation of Pudding’s cutest moments! She’s a winter white so she cannot be mixed with Fluffie, but they live happily in two large bin cages next to each other (cage tour coming soon, once I finally have time in summer to edit more videos 😅).

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This is where I’ll be posting all the updates on my tiny hamster Fluffie. I might also include some hamster care tips, how to tame hamsters and hamster cage reviews. My favourite hamster channels are ErinsAnimals / ErinsHamsters, Joy Georgina and ChocolateColours26 so if you’re thinking of getting a hamster then be sure to watch their videos to ensure you give your tiny hamster a good home!

Fluffie and Pudding live in the same room where I work and keeps me company when I edit my Youtube videos. Fluffie is a roborovski / robo / roborowski dwarf hamster with the “mottled” or “pied” marking. Pudding is a hybrid winter white / Campbells dwarf hamster with gingery fur.

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Adorable Tiny Hamster Compilation Video!! ♥ Welcome Home Pudding ♥