Baby Hamsters vs Stairs

Funny Hamsters Video Information:

Baby hamsters playing on big stairs for the first time
How fast will they climb?
What will happen to the carpet on the stairs?

Paprika x Pineapple 2108 hamster babies
Episode 8: Hamstairs

I hope you have a relaxing and joyful time here watching cute and funny moments of my little buddies (featuring Miss Miso, Mr Pineapple and Paprika’s babies – Syrian Hamsters).

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10 thoughts on “Baby Hamsters vs Stairs

  1. Her name is Muffin (EP9):

    Don't forget to Like your favourite names

    Thank you! ❤️ 🐹

    #HamStairs #Hampter

  2. hi, you're hamsters are soooooo cute!!, and I just want to point out that the bedding pine wood shaving is bad for hamsters because This bedding are typically harder and can splinter off, harming your pet. They can also irritate your hamster's lungs. Instead, use aspen shavings. Thank you

  3. Those hamster wheels cannot be shipped to india.does anyone knows where i can buy hamster wheels in india?

  4. I almost never sub. To anyone but I have to admit both the cuteness of the video and owning a super sweet and easy going long hair Syrian… I must. Lol! Love the videos and they really help with my learning to be a better fur daddy! Thanks!!

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