Bar Chewing Is NOT Normal, It’s Harmful To Your Hamster

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The hamster community has been abuzz with concern this week after Chrissy Teigen impulse bought a pet, without considering the responsibilities or how her actions could influence her millions of followers. There was an equal amount of concern for what unfolded in the replies to her tweets, with many people coming forward to also promote incorrect hamster care and speak out in support of poor care practices, including the spread of misinformation about bar chewing.

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Bar Chewing Is NOT Normal, It’s Harmful To Your Hamster

10 thoughts on “Bar Chewing Is NOT Normal, It’s Harmful To Your Hamster

  1. I have an animal club at school, it inspired me to get a hamster, there are some people there who treat the hamsters like toys! Thy throw them around and put them next to other hamsters and let them fight! I told the teacher but they won’t do anything about it, they said they couldn’t kick them out,

  2. Hey Erin , thank you so much for this video I got so confused about why my hamster (smokey) chews her cage and I kept searching up why she was doing this and every this on the web said this a very normal behaviour but then I came across this video and realised that it’s not normal and I have since saved money and about to order a new cage 😊❤️

  3. About two days ago my hamster was "chewing on her cage". So I got scared, but then I realised the was just climbing her cage a bit! So I check her bars everyday just to make sure

  4. So I just moved my hamster into a new big cage and she is bar chewing is it because of stress or is my cage to small its 640 sq inches?

  5. "well newsflash, i had two whole babies I didn't research either"

    So you never even asked others for advice on things they did with their children as babies? You never looked up videos on maybe how to save more money on diapers (i hear they are expensive) or budgeting for a child? Nothing at all? God this is just so extremely stupid. I know parenting isn't something that could ever be taught (I assume, I'm not a parent) but how could you say something like that? I can't imagine how much of an irresponsible and ignorant parent she is in real life.

  6. Oh my god I actually didn't know about bar chewing really. I don't know much about hamsters and I'm only here because ever since i got my lizard, I've been pretty much constantly researching animals in general because i love animals and have discovered recently i love learning about them. My English teacher reffered to this as "teething" and now I'm educated on this and can help out the little Syrian hammy, Nugget in our English class :3 this is a great video! This is an eye opener for me thank you so much!

  7. I have a winter white hamster who occasionally will bar chew, but I don't understand what could be causing it. He lives in a prevue 528 cage (which has 620 inches of floor space plus a large shelf) and is so spoiled! He has loads of wooden hides (which he chews on) , 6 inches of bedding for burrowing space, a sand bath, loads of chews and small sticks to chew on and a proper 8 inch wheel. I give him treats and veggies. I keep him in in my room where its nice and quiet. I let him run around in his playpen most afternoons and he loves it! He's super tame and never bites. And yet, he still bar chews. It's not like he's constantly chewing on the bars all night, but he does it enough that it's began to strip paint of some bars. No matter how many things I give him to chew on he still chews the bars. I'm really worried about him. What am I doing wrong??

  8. I’ve had My hamster for a month and he hasn’t been chewing on the bars, I think it’s because I have a good sized cage and lots of chew toys and stuff too play with :)🐹

  9. Thank you!😊I learned a lot from this video and I will do everything to keep my hamster happy 😉

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