Common Hamster Health Issues

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It’s essential to know some of the more common hamster illnesses; that way, you’ll recognize the symptoms faster, leading to a faster recovery!
I also just wanted to say thank you to Toa Payoh vets & Dr. Kong Yuen Sing for always documenting their hamster cases, I think this is something that should be done more often because hamsters already have such few health care sources. Documenting the cases they see and the hamsters they treat helps others learn so much not to mention just goes to show that it is possible to treat hamsters!

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0:00 intro
0:38 Wettail
2:23 congestive heart failure
3:03 Mites
4:00 Ringworm
5:06 Respiratory infections
6:06 Urinary tract infections
6:39 Pyometra
7:55 Tumours
8:27 Cysts
8:55 Abscesses
9:33 Warts

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Common Hamster Health Issues

10 thoughts on “Common Hamster Health Issues

  1. Great video! ❤😊It's super useful for owners to have a list of common hamster health issues so that they know what to pay attention to. And going to the vet on time can save the ham's life.

  2. Is a Ferplast CRICETI 15 cage a good size? I cannot for the life of me figure out square inches.

  3. Omg this is actually more helpful than I thought it would be. My first hamster lived until almost 3 years old but he had to put him down because he just got really uncomfortable after about 5 months of going to the vet every 2-3 weeks whilst I tried to figure out what was wrong with him. The first two vets I went to, the vets just lied to me to get money and the third vet just didn’t really know what was wrong but usually said “I’m not allowed to tell you”. Eventually that third vet said “he probably has heart failure so you should probably put him down soon” so I waited a couple months and then he got really bad so that night I took him to the hospital. That vet wasn’t fully sure that he had heart failure but now watching this video I know he did have congestive heart failure. He always had health issues, he had a respiratory infection once, mites twice, and then heart failure which all lasted a while but he was so strong and got through it all and was very healthy until he got heart failure.

  4. Thank you for sharing, this information is really helpful! I was also wondering if anyone new anything about torpor. I’ve had a previous hamster go through this and we could not save her. I want to be prepared or prevent this if it ever comes up again. 💗

  5. Hello! I have an important question about hamsters. I'm thinking of putting a sock in my hamsters cage to let her sit in there and sleep in there. Is it safe to put that in my hamsters cage

  6. Hi I wanted to come on here and tell you that I’m really thankful to have come across your videos you taught me how to take care of my hamster and even convinced my mom to take me to buy the things for a new hamster enclosure sadly my hamster Remy passed away yesterday in the morning I had him for 2 years now and I am happy to know that I wasn’t a bad pet owner to him thanks to you and your videos for helping me out and giving me advice on how to take care of him. I will still be watching your videos and taking more advice even though I won’t be getting another hamster any time soon but thank you for all your help.❤

  7. Hey! I Have my first hamster
    I live in two places (I study) and I would like to bring my hamster home so he won’t be alone but the cage is large. Can I transport it from one cage in my studies to another at home? does he have to get used to two then?
    Can i transport him in some type of soft little purse? Time of travel is one our and 30 minutes

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