Cute #hamster #mukbang #asmr video! (Funny 2019 animal video)

Funny Hamsters Video Information:

Little Shibuya is a very spoiled well-loved hamsteretiree from Singapore living the pampered life! Though Shibuya’s years of running hamarathons are over, his endearing zest for life is still as big as his appetite!

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Cute #hamster #mukbang #asmr video! (Funny 2019 animal video)

10 thoughts on “Cute #hamster #mukbang #asmr video! (Funny 2019 animal video)

  1. The sad moment when you realize that a hamster has a better life than you…

  2. It’s so cute I just subscribe and hit the bell lol. My favorite video by you is the hamster loves getting tucked in bed

  3. انا تفرجته يوم27من مثلي لايك او اذا28هم لايك🙂

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