Cute Hamster Obstacle Course 👿 Hamster Maze – 2019

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Here is something to consider before you adopt an animal into your home:
Hamsters, both dwarf and Syrian, are active creatures. They need a variety of toys and other items to provide them with opportunities for exercise, exploration and play. While they do appreciate time outside of the cage to explore in a hamster-safe environment, there are many things you can place inside the cage to provide exercise.
Most hamsters make great use of a hamster wheel and your hamster’s cage should have one. It is important to make sure the wheel is the proper size and try to get a solid surface wheel to cut down on the risk of injuries. Run-Abouts are the clear plastic balls (several styles are available) in which you put your hamster in and let them run around on the floor without worry of them getting away from you. Both wheels and Run-Abouts are great ways to make sure your hamster gets enough exercise.

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Cute Hamster Obstacle Course 👿 Hamster Maze – 2019

10 thoughts on “Cute Hamster Obstacle Course 👿 Hamster Maze – 2019

  1. 大家好,这是我第一次亲手做游戏给仓鼠,因为太多想法😓所以策划了好久。。。








  2. Hello everyone, this is the first time I have made a game for a hamster.

    I have planned it for a long time because I have too many ideas. . .

    The first layer is to make it feel the speed of the sports car.

    The second layer is a quiet garden

    The third layer is about the suffering of the desert.

    The last layer is a leisurely seaside

    I hope everyone can give some advice.

    I will continue to work harder!

    Thank you 😅

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