Cute hamsters acting funny

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Please note that some of these clips are up to 6 years old and our animal care has improved significantly since. Also remember we are a small rescue.

Random syrian in a pet shop

Hi guys, I have to update all my videos descriptions as I have been told I am promoting bad care. As I mention, most of these videos are old. When I say old, I mean up to 7/8 years ago. We used these videos as we had so many and wanted to start a YouTube channel to help fund our rescue. We meant no harm to the animal community by doing this. At no point should you do any of the following!
House dwarf and/or Syrian hamsters together. We adopted two dwarf hamsters from pets at home and they were already together. They were separated not long after as we found out they were male and female and not long after we had an accidental litter.
Purposely breed any animal. There are more then enough animals in the world and we don’t need inexperienced people breeding just for personal gain. Most rodents’ genetics are poor enough as it is.
Small wheel or cages are not promoted by us.
Use a suitable bedding, NOT fluffy.
Lastly do your own research. My partner and I were obviously inexperienced when we first got animals. We didn’t do our own research and only listen to what pets at home told us. Over the years our animal care has improved significantly, and we now rescue small animals. We have the correct size cages, great food choices and plenty of bedding.
I hope this clears all/any queries you have. Let us know if you see anything else.
Regards, Hamster_family93

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Cute hamsters acting funny

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  1. You didn’t awesome job putting this video together the little hamsters were so cute and you didn’t awesome job with the music to thank you so much for sharing it too.

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