Cute Hamsters Enjoying New Year Party 2022 🐹 (ASMR)

Funny Hamsters Video Information:

Cute Hamsters Enjoying Christmas Party (2022) ‍🎄

Eating Cucumber ASMR:
Eating Apple ASMR:
Eating Lavash ASMR:
Eating Banana ASMR:
Eating Bread ASMR:
Eating Quince ASMR:
Eating Sunflower Seeds ASMR:

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🎵Track : Cute BGM Compilation 3! –

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Cute Hamsters Enjoying New Year Party 2022 🐹 (ASMR)

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  1. Hi! I would like to say that these species of hamster syrian, are solitary and will fight. Currently they are not fighting but if you keep them together, they will eventually fight each other
    btw, no hate or anything behind this comment <3

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