Cute Hamsters GO CRAZY in sand bath

Funny Hamsters Video Information:

Watch Dumptruck and Porkchop go crazy in their sand bath. Our tiny hamsters really love it. The sand is regular kids play sand that I’ve baked to make sure it is safe from any parasites or bacteria. Hamsters are naturally from sandy areas and this is how they keep their fur soft and clean.

Music is royalty free “Dance All Night” from DigitalJuice. For any licensing questions please message me on youtube.

Cute Hamsters GO CRAZY in sand bath

10 thoughts on “Cute Hamsters GO CRAZY in sand bath

  1. Omg i wish id save some of the sand i had ..guess ill get a new bag my babies need baths pretty bad!! So so cute!!

  2. Ahhh now I get it! My hamster does this with his bedding! Time to go find a sand bath!

  3. Um is it normal that my hamsters sand bath produces some weird type of like smoke not fire smoke but like itโ€™s a weird sand smoke and it gives me a headache

  4. When i stray the sand there is a soft sand and a hard sand which one do I choose?????

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