Dwarf Hamsters Live In A Tiny Mansion

Funny Hamsters Video Information:

April Campbell builds her dwarf hamsters tiny mansions and playgrounds. She crafts her designs from scratch, using soft wood and nontoxic food coloring to keep her furry friends safe and happy. Her hamsters, Taco Taco and Soda Pop, love every room in their tiny home.

See more from April Campbell: www.youtube.com/aprilsanimals

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Produced by: Janaya Wecker, Barbara Corbellini Duarte

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Dwarf Hamsters Live In A Tiny Mansion

10 thoughts on “Dwarf Hamsters Live In A Tiny Mansion

  1. Y’all forget hamsters are nearsighted and can easily fall from the ledge. Still cute but omg I’d be so nervous if I let a hammy go near the edge of the dollhouse.

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