Exotic Pets – Sugar Glider & Hamster

Funny Hamsters Video Information:

Exotic Pets Sugar Glider & Hamster

Sugar Gliders are known as one of the cutest pets in the world.

Their lovely big eyes, squirrel like body, small hands, long tail and curvy head features makes them the cutest little pets of world.

Sugar Gliders are rare as keeping pets & not yet so popular pets in India.

Sugar Gliders are active mostly at nights.They usually sleep all day and mostly need a enclosure with darkness.

Sugar Gliders can be wonderful and lovely pet animals if kept properly and you can raise them like any other common popular pets like Dogs, Cats, Birds.

The Hamsters featured in this video are basically Dwarf Hamsters which are also known as Panda Hamsters.

They look similar to actual common hamsters but differ in size from them.

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Exotic Pets – Sugar Glider & Hamster

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  1. bro do not put hamsters on newspaper,, its ink is toxic,,
    Use Aspen bedding for it, can be purchased from link below on Amazon

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