Foraging Fridays – Rat Foraging Review #1!

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Starting a new series based on foraging toys! First up is the PVC Forager Bird Toy which is great for rats of any age or foraging level.

Foraging PCV Toy link:

Link to the 2nd foraging video:

Link to the 3rd foraging video:


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Foraging Fridays – Rat Foraging Review #1!

10 thoughts on “Foraging Fridays – Rat Foraging Review #1!

  1. I have subtitles on and they’re automatic… so I was greetet with: „Hey guys, it’s Shut up a brat“ and I think that’s hilarious.
    Other than that, thanks for another video! And I‘d be really interested in a DIY-version!

  2. I just love the things you come up with! This one is definitely stolen from you now 😂. I going to make one tonight! Awesome!! Thank you for showing us their toys. I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Вот же паразиты какие сильные, прыгает один как конь 😅

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