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Hello pet lover this is very funny video of Hamster falling while playing and
with fun in hamster house.

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My funny hamsters plays very well, Hamster are very fond of eating and living in and exploring made,hamster very good playing with eating foods and we make some of the hamster maze with a cardboard labyrinth for them in the style of the Maze game for hamster ourselves. Let’s all see Funny Hamster with his friend Race in small cardboard maze with funny levels together which hamster of them will pass all obstacles maze faster. If you liked this hamster video, give your like👍 and subscribe to our channel The secret journey of my hamster 😊 Don’t forget to click the bell button to be notified about our new hamster video release 😊 n my opinion hamsters like challenges and mental stimulation, and it’s a light stress. Mazes are even the ideal house for nesting. Enrich your hamster’s cage by adding chewing materials, hiding food, and installing a plastic wheel. To get your hamster out of its cage and exploring new environments, create a maze or an obstacle course, use a hamster ball, set up an outdoor playpen, or teach your hamster some new tricks.Boxes. Small boxes can serve as shelters and gnawing material. … The hamster may nibble on the box if it is cardboard, but having other chew toys and treats in the enclosure on a regular basis will likely reduce the desire for a hamster to chew up the box shelter.

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Two cute hamsters Race :

Hamster in funny Food eating :

Hamster climbing obstacle :

Hamster in Kinder joy obstacles :

Hamster in spiral ramp maze :

find the exit for hamster :

food for hamster in hunt :

Fish shaped food for hamster :

hamster in amazon forest :

hamster in funny pet pyramid maze :–MYhyY

hamster tiny hut :

Hamster escape from cat :

minecraft in hamster :

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Black hamster race :

super hamster in pyramid maze :

Colorful Balls maze with cute hamster :

Super maze for hamster :

Hamster Marshmallow Magic Maze :

hammie Dance for 1 hour :

hamster run for Cheese chase race :

hamster exploring 5 elements of nature :

cute hamster vertical maze :

Find out the 13 Monuments of the World with hamster :

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Funny hamster compilation # 1 | cute hamster videos